Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writing goals

The writing book I'm rereading (How to Write a Lot, by Paul J. Silvia) says that, in addition to scheduling specific time slots for writing, I should have a list of writing goals that I periodically update.  I haven't made such a list yet, because my scheduled writing has only had one goal at a time - the chapter for the Roth book (out any day now), the short essay on evolution for the Darwin-year ASM book (vaporware?), the big review on regulation I'm working on now.  What other writing might I want to get done?

Here's my first try at a list of writing goals:

The molecular-biology-focused review of the regulation of competence.

The shorter evolution-focused review of the regulation of competence.

A reworked version the Darwin-year essay for some other destination.

The visiting student's manuscript on Gallibacterium competence (needs only a couple of paragraphs).

The post-doc's first paper on recombination tracts.

The post-doc's first paper on uptake specificity.

A short paper reporting our old results on mucins and transformation.

Future papers (results not in yet)?

A paper on natural competence in E. coli.

A future paper on the phenotypes of the new knockout mutations.

A future paper on recombination tracts.

A future paper on mapping loci that cause strain differences in transformability.

On teaching:

A rant about the inadequacy of current genetics textbooks (for Genetics?  Or Nature Reviews Genetics?)

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