Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to regular writing

I haven't been writing any manuscripts for a while, and it's time to get back into it.  I'm once again going to try to write for half an hour every morning, as this was very productive the last time I tried it.  The postdoc is going to be writing manuscripts about his two sets of results (genome-wide recombination and uptake specificity), and I think I should work on the review article about the regulation of competence.  The postdoc will also be an author, but the RA has decided she's rather focus on other things.  I think I'll try to generate a first draft myself, and then bring the postdoc in.

On rereading old posts on this blog (from last spring) I see that I was actually planning two reviews, one directed at microbiologists, with lots of details about mechanisms, and one at evolutionary biologists, with more emphasis on the implications.  I think that's still a good plan.  Which one should I do first?  The molecular biology one, because it will be harder.

I already have quite a bit of text for the Introduction, and some for the Discussion.  But the meat of the article still has to be generated - the descriptions of what is regulated and how for the various organisms I'll cover.  For this I have a framework but little content.  I'll deal with each of these sections in separate posts.

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